Introducing the Latest and Greatest in Stemless Shoulder Replacements

Dr. Spencer has been hard at work with the folks at DJO Global, and we are incredibly excited to announce that the newest advancement in stemless shoulder arthroplasty, the CS EDGE system, is now being used. The updated design ensures better fixation while mitigating the amount of bone loss. See the video below for a 15 minute explanation and demonstration of the surgical techniques and considerations for this cutting-edge shoulder system. DJO was kind enough to provide professional videographers and video editing, so check it out!

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2 responses to “Introducing the Latest and Greatest in Stemless Shoulder Replacements”

  1. JoniCowdin Avatar

    I need both shoulders to be done. Please keep me updated.

    1. Grayson Poff Avatar

      Hi Joni! We are always accepting new patients at both our Weisgarber and Fort Sanders West offices. Leave a message for our nurse, Anita, at 865-450-1240 and she’ll be happy to get you scheduled up. Thanks so much for checking out our website, and let us know if you need anything else!

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